Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Android or iPhone - Choice or No Choice

Time Magazine is running an article entitled, "iPhone Vs. Android: The Smart-Phone Wars Rage On." The article begins, "It's possible to sum up the tech industry's engine of progress in four words: Apple vs. everybody else. That's been true for a quarter-century in the personal-computer realm, where the Apple product in question is the Mac and everybody else consists of Windows PC makers. And now it's happening with smart phones, a product category increasingly defined by intense competition between Apple's iPhone and the gaggle of manufacturers who have embraced Google's Android software."

1. What do you think makes a product from a company so popular that similar products from other companies are always compared to it? Can you think of any products, other than those made by Apple, that are held up as "standard bearers"?

2. Why do you think that Apple would have released its iPhone in a partnership with only one telephone company, as opposed to the way in which Google released it's Android?

3. Cell phones have changed a great deal in the last five years? Five years from now what kinds of features do you think that smart-phones will have that they do not have today?

4. Do you think that competition leads to higher quality products? Why or why not? Is competition a good thing for society? Try and argue this question from both sides?

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